Insider tips

Insider Tips

2nd HanseKulturFestival

8th - 10th June 2018

A little party never killed nobody. In June our city turns into the greatest place on earthHansakultur LTM when the St Giles' district of Lübeck's Old Town will be in the centre of the festivities. Locals living in the area next to St Anne's Museum Quarter up to Hüxstraße and Fleischhauerstraße will open their hearts and doors and celebrate. All the activities are planned and carried out by locals - by neighbours, by retail shop owners or museums, church communities or schools. It's a weekend organized BY the people from Lübeck FOR the locals and for everyone who wants to connect with us locals.

It's the unusual places and the unexpected corners, where we'll enjoy chamber music and street music, where we'll be amazed by performing artists, where we'll watch people dancing or join in the dance, where we'll listen to authors reading from their books. Dive into intimate productions and off-performances in colourfully decorated streets and into magic light shows.